Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave

When you have ‘one of those days’ what is your first reaction?
Or your initial thoughts?
Mine are usually ‘SOD IT’ or simply ‘WINE’.

Yesterday was the epitome of ‘one of those days’. Everything went wrong that could go wrong (cough, America, cough) and my little world began imploding in on itself at 7.33am.

My alarm decided he fancied a day off (decided my alarm is a man, not sure why?).
Luckily, I was already awake and went to check the time and my phone simply wouldn’t turn on. It was red hot, so it had obviously been doing something, just not THE SINGLE GREATEST THING I RELY ON MY PHONE FOR.


I get to work and it’s a chaotic day with meetings, last minute changes, heavy workloads and working lunches.
It hits 5pm and I’m cartwheeling out the door (cautiously as I cut my thumb open the night before making sweet potato wedges – eating healthy is DANGEROUS and is to be avoided at all costs) and I cannot wait to get home.

I get to my car and I’m walking so fast my shoe flies off my foot.


So I’m there hopping around in the dark, damp evening in front of colleagues in their cars trying to get my loafer back on (damn you supple leather slip-ons).

But hey, at least I’m going home now!

The traffic is rather light compared to commutes of late and I pull up outside my house. I go inside and get my stuff together to go to the gym. And then it hits me. There was no vibrating from my handbag (don’t be filthy) when I walked through the door.

As I walk through my door, every night at 5.30pm, my phone vibrates as it reconnects to the Wi-Fi, like clockwork.
Or an alarm going off. (Sorry, I’ll get over it one day.)


I’ve left my phone at work. My phone is on my desk! What if someone calls me?  Or looks through my pictures? The catalogue of awful selfies I send to my friends (shout out to Fiona) when I’m bored? And my alarm will go off in the morning (if it decides to).

I have to go and get it.

So back to work I go, driving the same route I just drove home and indeed drive to work every day. Only this time, I’m raging. I thought I’d left work behind for the day, yet there I was, at 6pm back at my desk.

I try to brush it off and go to the gym.
I park up at the exceptionally busy gym car park and get ready to head in and run away all this stress. I get my stuff together and realise I don’t have my iPod.


I can’t exercise without music! And there’s no signal in the gym so I can’t even stream YouTube (and if you know me, I am super stingy with my data). Sod it. I leave my headphones in the car and trudge across the gym’s cark park in the snow?! Icy rain?! Whatever it is that is making my nose wet. I change into my gym gear and there is my iPod staring up at me from my gym bag.
Mocking me.

“I’m here but you can’t use me! You left your headphones in the car didn’t you, you silly cow”


I sit on the exercise bike and grumble and tut my way through my workout. I get on the mats to do my abdominal routine and my lovely cut from the sweet potato wedges decides to open up and bleed.

After that was a specific selection of swear words I will spare you the details of.

I was not sorry to see yesterday go. Although, as the more calamities unfolded all I could think was ‘great blog content!’ and of course WINE!


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